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Pre-Interview Questionnaire

Quick note if you are filling this form out as the client (person buying the service):

Please either fill this form out with the subject or forward this page to them to fill it out. It’s always better to have the person being interviewed aware of the questions that are going to be asked before we get there to conduct the on-camera interview.

Quick note if you are filling this form out as the subject (person being interviewed):

Please fill it out with answers as long or short as you would like. You don’t have to put the complete answers to the questions here. However, if you do have any notes for the writer to specifically include in the final draft of the questions you’ll be asked, please put those in the space provided.

Thank you for becoming part of our YSOV Family! We look forward to doing a stellar job for you and your loved ones. If you have any questions or problems with the form, please let your Account Manager know right away. Here we go!

Basic Information: