The Travel Bug

Are we, as human beings, ever genuinely happy where we are in the moment?

The Travel Bug


C. Derick Miller

Head Writer

Your Stories On Video

Now that the world has started to open back up, I’ve developed a sickening case of wanderlust. All it seems I can ever think about is being able to travel the world and see tons of places I’ve never been or revisiting the places I’ve frequented a few dozen times. What I wouldn’t give right now to be bombarded by the flashing screens in Times Square or strolling the pier in Santa Monica. Are we, as human beings, ever genuinely happy where we are in the moment?

When I’m performing interviews at Your Stories On Video, I speak to several men and women who’ve been lucky enough to see the whole world. Whether it was something they accomplished on their own dime or an unexpected journey at the hands of the United States Military, these people love to tell me about the times they’ve spent experiencing various cultures and eating exotic dishes. They’re immensely proud of these experiences and they have every right to be. After all, there are those who have chosen to live their lives in the exact opposite way.

From time to time, especially in large cities like New York or Boston, I come across those special few who have rarely traveled outside the boundaries of their own block. Their entire lives were lived inside a square one-hundred-yard comfort zone which made them feel safe and secure. They never needed to look beyond these borders because it was their home. The apartment, job, grocery store, and park were all contained within shouting distance of their own beds…and they were simply fine with it.

Now I, personally, couldn’t live that way. Granted, I used to have that New York City dream where I planned on writing in a tiny apartment in Queens, tucked away from the world, until old age caught up with me. Writers are torturous individuals and most of us seem to long for the most miserable scenarios imaginable! Fortunately, that never happened. For several years, I toured the country for the fine art industry, and I’ve been to every city in the United States. Yes sir and ma’am, driven every highway, too! There were even a few here and there that the Army forced me into just like some of our clients. Luckily, I lived to tell you these tales!

What kind of person are you? Are you one of those explorers who could never seem to sit still in one place and couldn’t wait to see what lay just around the bend? Are you one of those who was forced into pleasant/unpleasant locations by a stint in the military and never wanted to set foot onto another airplane or ship for as long as you lived? Are you one of those individuals who found no need to see anything beyond what you knew and lived your entire life inside a small area in a large city? Here at Your Stories On Video, we’d love to know!

We want to hear your travel stories! Tell us what it was like to walk on those moonlit beaches in Hawaii with your significant other! Also, we want to hear your shut-in stories as well. Tell us about playing checkers everyday in Central Park with your best friend! No matter who you are, where you’ve been, or where you didn’t go, all these stories mean the world to us. They’ll mean the world to the future generations of your family as well. We’ll help you tell them about all these experiences in a way no one else can.

A quick P.S. – If you are one of those travelers and you’re a little depressed by some of the restrictions brought on by the pandemic, might I suggest this:

This is 100 webcams around the world! It switches to a new location every fifteen seconds and is accompanied by some light jazz music. I can sit and watch this for hours!

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